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Building better black brands by
coaching, consulting & contracting


We have three offer styles to match the needs of clients who need guidance, assistance or implementation. We do this with a baseline offer of Consulting, Coaching and/or Contracting. Let's cover some use cases for each:

Kim has a business idea that she is ready to hit "go" on. She has a business in fashion where she sources, sews, designs and sells from a digital storefront. Kim would be a perfect candidate for coaching. In our Coaching Program you receive access to community, tools, resources and information from The Hive Network. We match each client with a guide that walks them through their business plan, invites new patterns of thought and educates Kim which empowers her to understand marketing for her business and be able to manage it hands-on or hire on with all the right knowledge that will allow her to hire the right candidate. Kim will be coached as long as wishes and as far into any marketing specialty (tech, e-commerce, UX design) that she wishes. These packages start at $950/month.



Jerod has been in the commercial construction business by word of mouth for eight years. He has done well but is ready to take his business to the next level. He is profitable and has a pretty well-structure marketing budget, a self made (or Fiver) logo and not much else besides his website. Jerod is the perfect candidate for consulting. He will need to not only bring on marketers (who are likely to be junior level and need some oversight). With Honest Hive Jerod can work with us as if we are his personal Chief Marketing Officer, questions, templates or instructions for hiring, strategy, scaling, offer structure, product marketing, he has an ongoing consultant to plan out his brand and marketing strategy end-to-end. Consulting starts at $189/hr.


Heather has been a business woman for about five years. She owns an innovative SAAS Software that she is constantly updating. She is a great full stack programmer. She has no marketing team and frankly no time to hire one, she does not only run her business, she is her business. She has limited staff and is in need of a marketing agency to act as her entire marketing department from graphic designer to marketing strategist. Heather is a great candidate for contracting. When you hire us as contractors we not only develop your plans but we also have a suite of professionals we use to execute the plan. Your job is only oversight and approval. Contracting starts at $375/hour.




Sometimes it's hard to know what you need, or you may think you know and not really understand the terminology fully. We recommend every client start with a consultation call to refine the services needed. Want a FREE consultation? Sign up for our newsletter. 


Honest Hive® Marketing Agency was founded in 2020 by Kendra Lewis. Lewis spent ten years in corporate America as a marketing leader with a proclivity for strategy, vision and artistic creative. After her brother brush with death she found herself digging deep within to find purpose and a way to give her skillset to those who need it most. With a strong dedication to the black and brown community, Honest Hive was born. 

We built this agency as a solution for business owners who need help building out their marketing brand and telling the story of who they are and why they are here. We focus on purpose driven communication that does not centralize to algorithmic waves but instead provides a steady and agile marketing strategy that leaves you in the right pockets of community to build intimacy with your customers but also all those who come across your brand. This strategy is unique to the marketing structure of Honest Hive and our "Kendras" are trained in this method of what we have built to be authentic, steady, agile and thought provoking. Pairing that organic strategy with a paid marketing campaign leads to long last relationships with your brand to develop real fans of you, the work you do, the brand you represent and the people you employ. 

Reclaim your narrative and get off the never-ending wheel of clout chasing and kitschy campaigns and become the brand online that you are in your heart. That's our goal here at The Hive.



Kendra Lewis

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Chief Visionary Officer


Bayle Brooks

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Marketing Intern

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