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Introducing Honest Hive: Revolutionizing Marketing for Small and Medium sized Businesses

At Honest Hive, we're on a mission to transform the marketing landscape for small-scale ventures, bridging the gap between personalized craftsmanship and corporate-level strategies. Gone are the days when only massive corporations could keep pace with well-crafted marketing; now, it's about agility and strategy.

As advocates for local commerce and mindful consumerism, we recognize the impact of large corporations on our society. That's why we've made it our mission to prioritize integrity, community, and equality in our branding efforts.

In today's capitalist landscape, everything seems up for sale, even our justice systems. But at Honest Hive, we're committed to a different approach. We partner with organizations, companies, and entrepreneurs dedicated to fostering trust and making a positive impact.

Enter our unique approach: Honest Hive offers coaching, consulting, and contracting services with a focus on integrity. Our specialized products empower smaller organizations to compete effectively while upholding their values.

Additionally, we're proud to introduce The Colony, our Mentorship Group. This exclusive community connects aspiring entrepreneurs, creators, and artists with seasoned marketing professionals, providing tailored strategies at a fraction of the cost.

Feeling unsure about your marketing needs? Let's chat! Schedule a free discovery call to explore how Honest Hive can support your business's growth and success.


Honest Hive® Marketing Agency was founded in 2020 by Kendra Lewis, a marketing artist who is a seasoned marketing leader with over a decade of experience in corporate America. Fueled by a passion for strategy, vision, and artistic creativity, Kendra embarked on a transformative journey after her brother's brush with death, seeking a deeper purpose and a way to empower underserved communities.

With a steadfast commitment to the black and brown community, Honest Hive emerged as a beacon of authenticity and purpose-driven communication. Our agency serves as a lifeline for business owners in need of guidance in crafting their marketing brand and articulating their unique stories.

At Honest Hive, we eschew the fleeting trends of algorithmic waves, opting instead for a steady and agile marketing approach that cultivates genuine connections within communities. Our distinctive strategy, honed by our dedicated team of "Kendras," emphasizes authenticity, agility, and thought-provoking messaging.

By marrying organic strategies with targeted paid campaigns, we foster enduring relationships between brands and their audiences, nurturing genuine loyalty and advocacy. Our goal is simple: to help you reclaim your narrative, break free from the cycle of clout chasing, and authentically embody the essence of your brand online.

Join us at The Hive and embark on a journey to redefine your brand narrative, forge meaningful connections, and cultivate a loyal following that resonates with the heart of your business.


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Kendra Lewis

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Chief Visionary Officer

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Bayle Brooks

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Marketing Intern

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