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Welcome to The Hiverse, the virtual product space where your brand vision comes to life. We have a growing suite of products created to the entreprenuers, solo-prenuer and burgeoning business owners. We help you through coaching consulting or contracting and a curated kit for embodying daily brand essence.  

Mind Your Beeswax


The Mind Your Beeswax Brand Starter Kit is the perfect product bundle for your brand manifestation.  This suite of digital & print items is a way for entrepreneurs to embody their brand in their daily lives and keep their eyes on target as they move towards birthing their brain’s brand into the world. Bees use saliva and wax flakes as the material to build their hives. Likewise, this suite of digital and physical products is the perfect way for an entrepreneur to spiritually surround yourself with a home for your brand. The package includes a custom phone case, screensaver, desktop background, tablet background and more all built in your brand’s image.


The Kit contains: Logo Redesign Vectorization, Custom Window Decal or Bumper Sticker, Coffee Mug and To Go Beverage, Phone, Social Media Icon, Facebook Header, Brand Book,  4 Creative Sessions, Spiritual U/X Practitioner Oversight and more. These tools are available to help bring your brand vision to life in the physical and virtual world.



Enhance Your Marketing Strategy with Expert Consultation Services. Ready to refine your approach? Our consultations offer tailored guidance and strategic insights to navigate today's marketing landscape. From market analysis to campaign optimization, gain clarity and drive results. Schedule your session today.

Black Woman Smiling in Professional Attire
A laptop Screensaver
A Black Woman Smiling in a Honest Hive Hoodie from the Drip Shop
A Blue Iphone with a Branded Honest Hive Background


Boost Your Brand with Expert Marketing Contracting. Streamline your marketing efforts with our contracting services. From project management to execution, we deliver tailored solutions for maximum impact. Partner with us for exceptional results.


Transform Your Marketing with Next-Gen Coaching. Discover a new era in marketing excellence. Our sleek coaching services revolutionize your approach, delivering precision strategies for unparalleled success. Unleash your potential, outshine the competition, and join the revolution today.

A Black Woman with Glasses in a Sweater
A Tablet with Honest Hive Screensaver

Sometimes it's hard to know what you need, or you may think you know and not really understand the terminology fully. We recommend every client who has any questions around getting started book a free discovery call to discuss the services needed. 

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