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This Frequently Asked Questions list is a guideline for all the materials, thoughts and expectations you can bring to the 1:1 Consultation to start working with Honest Hive. If you have any other questions not available below reach out to

How long is an introductory consultation call? 

1 hour

How much is it? 


Is there a way to reduce the fee?

Yes! Sign up for the newsletter and get your initial consultation for free.



What will we discuss on the call?

Honest Hive will hear about your company's vision, founding details, goals and areas of concern. We will discuss high level solution, brainstorm on marketing direction and you will help me understand how to represent your brand.


What do I get from the call?

Firstly, we will be able to establish realistic goal and strategy for your business. We will share templated documents to help you in your journey and we will cover thought-starting marketing ideation and evaluation of your current business. Lastly, we will decide if Honest Hive is the right fit and the next steps.

Who will be on the call?

You will be on the call with the founder for your initial consultation.

What should I bring/have prepared? 

Great Question!!! We recommend that you send or bring anything you have in regards to you business. Your business canvas or business plan, P&Ls, Current Marketing or Business Documents you think will benefit a marketing manager. Even an operational handbook or projections/business goals could help. Any brand-work (brand book, brand-on-a-page, website URL readily available)



What if I need to cancel/reschedule? 

Please try your best to give us at least 48-hours notice before you do either. For cancelations if you do not cancel within 48-hours you will not be refunded. The is no charge for reschedules.

Do we discuss next steps? 
Absolutely you will leave this conversation understanding your choices and empowered to decide on next steps or the adjustment of suggested steps. 



Who should I bring to this call? 

You can bring yourself, of course. But, you may also consider bringing anyone who may be helping you in marketing, friends you know and trust to listen in or anyone you feel would contribute to the call. We do ask that you keep the total number of guests to one (1). 


Does it matter what stage of business I am in? 

Not at all we have something for everyone! We have certain curated packages but we are also willing to help you stitch together anything that may require custom assistance. We may not be able to help you directly but we never want to leave a conversation without contributing something that can be used in future thought.

What if I decide not to continue with Honest Hive for services?

Thats ok. We have a few partners we can recommend to you and hope that our brainstorming sessions and work done helped you in some small way.







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