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1 Kendra 1:3

3. Provision is provided by the creator. The only true currency exists between us and God, the exchange the creator gives us everything, including his ability to create, and we, in exchange, create. Our only purpose on this planet is to create what the creator has intended for us to make. If you are called to create families, children, art, businesses, literature, science, culture. Entire civilizations exist within our minds waiting to come into fruition.

4. There is no scarcity in these fruit, only specificity exists in our calling. When I found my voice and began to create and consume more art in forms (writing, drawing, yoga, music, movies, books), I realized that the creativity fed more creativity. Inspiration led to more inspiration. I could better hear and tap into my muses. The only time I run out of creativity is when I disconnect from the source. 5. I find God, the creator. I find him and was taught how to walk a virtuous and moral life through the practice of following the actions of Jesus Christ while he walked this earth. I emulate him the best I can to walk this earth as a god, and do what he did which is walk in perfect union with God following his intentions seamlessly, with authority, with perfection. Every day I fall short, every day I get the joy of trying. I get closer and closer to being continually tapped into the source of all things. When I have these moments I experience joy, but more I experience purpose fulfilled. Its more than peace, and it's a different type of joy. 5. It's the kind of joy you can only get when you are operating in sync with the path God has laid before you. 6. So when I say emulate the actions I don't mean I walk barefoot on a road to and from town with my eleven homegirls. 7. I mean that I constantly listen for God to tell me what's next, I trust my inner voice and truest self and I know what she sounds like vs. voices that come from outside my self. 8. Creating is so powerful because you can those things you draw, write, plan, overview, you are speaking them into existence. In the development of a new idea, you have to be tapped into your self, your purpose and your vision. If you are not developing out of God, which for me is the source of all love, whether you access that through Jesus or nature, or any practice if it is sourced from love then I have respect for it. Its just like saying every black experience is valid unless its an anti-black experience? Well why is that: Because an anti-black expression is steeped in the hate of racism. So when connected to love, and with knowledge of your purpose, and equipped with the center of self that is the you beyond your thoughts, emotions and even sometimes actions. The truth of you. You have to tools needed to visualize and execute a healthy and operative, fruitful and beneficial, lucrative and spirit-filled business venture. With that guidance ethical business practices will be automatic, and when misses are exposed, accountability and self-correction will replace cancel-culture. Employees will be paid differently, diversity will look different. The truth is, if we start building like this from the ground up, we can stop lying in our marketing and we can start being, sharing and celebrating each one of us doing our best and telling our truth everyday and we work in relationship with our customers. And our customers hold us accountable with their voices, dollars and truths.

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