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Self Deliverance - Pride is the Devil

Humility has never been my strong suit. And since I tend to stick to the things I am good at, I have never felt the need to hone that particular characteristic.

But I have a game I play with God. It’s a self-improvement game I didn’t even realize I was starting. I was seeking God with youthful energy because being used by God is addictive once you’ve experienced it. I’m experimental in my faith, trying to find different ways and methods to chisel out more of my God-self in this plane.

The answer I received from the creator was one word. Pride.

Pride is a virtue that should have never been an issue in my career, only in my walk with Christ but alas I was born a black woman and I had a knack for coming across people who made it their mission to humble me. My response to being bullied? Well as a former bully myself I recognized the behavior quickly and reported it to my local HR Rep. If you don't know what happens next go visit (Caged Bird HR).

I decided to start a project: build a marketing business while working on my pride. For those who bullied me into this transformation, thank you, truly. But, I couldn’t simply just turn into a puddle of walk all over me. So, I carefully dissected, almost scientifically, what being prideful v. what being confident looked like within myself. God showed me myself through the eyes of his perfection and it was difficult to look at. But things are as I say they are. If I say this is clean now, it’s clean. I’m confident that I am clean as a mf.

Self-deliverance isn’t a term typically tossed around boardrooms or in a corporate setting. But spiritual technology will eventually bring light to what in a lot of cultures has long been known. Pride is the Devil and if it is sitting comfortably in the offices you better believe that spirit has its remnant all over your business practices. My business is just me. The rules I make, the contradictions I ignore, the issues I sweep under the rug…it’s time we go from thinking “Day One” to thinking “Employee One”. What are we innovating for? Just to innovate? Or are we trying to be better for people? I want to be better for people. So I decided to innovate the model of my marketing agency in service of people over profit. Doing what in scientific research is completely frowned upon, assuming for lack of better terms that There's Still Cool People In the World.


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