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Building Better Black Business

I have such excitement for the Black Renaissance that currently exists in the United States that has stirred so many Black Americans to begin expanding their financial goals, spiritual wellness, relationship with our community and movement towards freedom. However, the art, business and cultural production, of this awakening which is a direct effect of this movement is being appropriated & mismanaged by large corporations set of selling our trauma & plight instead of rebuilding and reimagining capitalism system that oppresses us.

What we can build in industry has the capability to be more than what we have seen previously. This freedom is ideal for Black Americans who excel in creating and recreating themselves by the necessity of survival which has become one of the biggest attributes of our community.

Black businesses can bring an authenticity and transformative action as they build their new entrepreneurial endeavors. When this authenticity is built, a leadership of honesty and integrity established, and standards set ...conscious buyers and those who support progress (which most do) will allocate their dollars towards those businesses. This process will motivate larger, vanity marketing businesses to true up their efforts. This won't be a tug on their heartstrings, it will be an adjustment for survival.

Make your business, more that just a business, make it a part of the movement towards the emancipation of black and marginalized people.

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