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Decoding Instincts Through Intelligence Centers

There are a lot of theories about the head, heart and gut intuition centers. Making decisions and choosing direction as an entrepreneur is hardly ever black and white, there will always be uncertainty and unintended consequences for you and all those you partner with. As such, homing in on these three intelligence centers and knowing which gives your primary guidance is critical.


Some publications say that not aligning these three causes cognitive dissonance. There are other sources that insist that all people have a leading intuition center that guides them through life. This theory has a lot to do with personality types and how we process emotion.

While I believe both have their validity, I often find that people have a primary intuition center that is the physical manifestation of their unnamed senses detecting what would be otherwise invisible clues.

As opposed to some theoretical positions that would dictate to you which to follow, the best steps to take are to identify which one speaks the most clearly, sincerely and is most reflective of your truest authentic self.

That particular intelligence center, with practice and intention, can begin to help you make tough and grey-areas situation with confidence, morality & peace. The triad segment that you follow tends to be where your strongest physical manifestations of emotions are shown (a ball in your chest, flutters in your gut, burst of creativity in your mind)

The Heart – the heart is the location of values, emotions and relationships. Those who follow this intellectual center find their power in community. Working with mentors is highly recommended, as experience with relationship broadens and sharpens their instincts. Those who follow the heart also make the best well rounded leaders as their instinctual focus is “we” above “I”.

The Gut – The gut is where your sense of self lives. the instinctual emotional center with over 100 M neurons. Those who follow this intellectual center have a strong fight or flight reflex and are extremely intuitive to the ‘mood’ of the environments they occupy. They are often empaths. They make their decisions based on instinct, reflex and operate best when they go with their initial reaction (after any fear is processed).

The Mind - the mind is the center of consciousness and cognition, those who are heavy perceivers of physical manifestations such as facial expressions. It recognizes patterns and can navigate best through the world when following, updating and redirecting based on patterns and information. They make their decisions based on fact, experience and logic.

Unlocking yours can be a huge step towards advancing your business at any stage & making ambiguous decision making an exercise in confidence and precision.

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