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Why I won't rebrand weed

The media has the ability to narrate our lives overhead, it can be an echo of the collective voice below. This within itself is not the issue, but you must understand that the echo of the collective is not a moral north. It is popular opinion. The court of public opinion is a fallacy, there is no authority it possesses other than to withhold its 'support'. That is why cancel culture is so comical, these masses choose what's ok? These nameless, faceless online mobs? And what happens when the majority of the collective below is being manipulated both intentionally and unintentionally, both consciously & subconsciously, both blatantly & subtly? How do we find the sky between the cloud.

The answer is to trust that it is there even if you can't see. In America, we have an obsession with what we see. We hold so tightly to the physical, our own limited experiences, and cognitive patterns. So when we can't see something, we don't believe it. Not being able to remember that a blue sky is above the clouds is a crisis of faith. A distortion between what you know and what you know. Marijuana, Cannabis, THC/CBD, Weed, Sticky Icky, Lawn, Bud, Flower, The Devil's Lettuce, Grass, Dope, Pot...its always been the same. It's always been natural remedy for a lot of common issues, always. The marketing of weed has recently changed. The buzz is it will be legalized, even my parents have started acknowledging the health benefits. It is a beautiful awakening. But let us never forget our neighborhood homeboy who always had something on him, who was the hood shaman, the healer on the block, the kid who grew up smoking in his high school years because he was depressed, or the burnout who was abused at home in the 70s whose life was irreversibly changed because we failed them. We allowed rules to be ok that hurt people who didn't deserve it. If weed can hurt people, then weed can heal people. Renaming it isn't the solution to observe it differently. We need to explore what within us allowed us to be manipulated into thinking homeopathic remedy was a gateway to a dangerous and evil lifestyle. Why was this brand created? Because powerful individuals who sat in the seats of authority created those narratives, planted seeds, sparked outrage across multiple CDC, Non-Profit Organizations, School Indoctrination Initiatives and Falsified Scientific Experiments to further their own belief system. The echoed the bellow of the masses, manipulated into agenda. Ask yourself who has authority over you. Ask yourself if an unjust law is a law at all.

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