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honor the prophets

Welcome to our campaign resource guide of artists, seers and truth-tellers guiding America towards a future of haleness, equality & community.


Honest Hive Marketing is dedicated to running an agency that centralizes the voice of the oppressed peoples in America and globally.  Our agency recognizes the intentional confusion & propaganda being used to confuse and mislead the American people. 

We stand, as always, with the Black People of these United States of America who recognize that ethnic cleansing, apartheid states and slave exploitation are not new tools of oppression but rather the age old formula of White Supremacy and colonization. As such we stand with our Black, Brown & Allied Communities in search of a land-back, equal voice, community-fueled solution for the deconstruction of European Colonial Powers in America, Palestine, The Congo, Panama and around the world. 

While we work under a capitalist society we make a vow to operate with the community principals that create dispersed wealth and quality of life for all. 

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Kendra I. Lewis
Chief Visionary Officer, Honest Hive

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The Hive Voice

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Voices of the Moment

Comedienne & Activist Amanda Seales, was among the first to speak out boldly on social media against the occupation of Palestine and the genocide fanned by the October 7th attack. Focusing on truth, using her platform as a voice amplifier and bringing the authenticity of a woman who cares enough to show up wholly has made Amanda our voice of the moment,. 

Follow her 2M + community @amandaseasles and support her by buying tickets to her new special "In Amanda We Trust" to support artists who stand for the people. 


Prophets to Remember

"People who shut their eyes to reality simply invite their own destruction."  James A. Baldwin (Read BALDWIN)


Books to Read

The moment that we are experiencing has been foretold by some of the most prominent black, female voices of all time. In these moments the best way to not feel alone, to have hope & to believe in change and the possibilities of aligned voices and truth. 

Freedom is a Constant Struggle: Ferguson, Palestine and the Foundations of a Movement (Buy from Miss June's)

By: Angela Y Davis

The Master's Tools Will Never Dismantle the Master's House (Buy from Good Reads)

By: Audre Lorde

Wild Seed (Buy it from Miss June's)

By: Octavia Butler

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The Music Mood of the Moment

The music of the moment has no lyrics and that couldn't be more appropriate. There are no words for the joy of moment and the pain of the moment. New Blue Sun is the debut solo album by American rapper, musician/ & now flautist Andre 3000


Honoring The Martyrs

The Palestinian Genocide has been the deadliest journalist massacre since the beginning of record keeping of the Committee to Protect Journalists began in 1992. (SOURCE NPR)


Prophets to Remember (Part 2)

June Jordan was a Jamaican American poet, playwright and essayist who wrote about civil rights, women's rights, and sexual freedom. She was known for her fierce commitment to human rights and political activism

June Jordan

media For the Moment

Truth tellers and those who have the conviction of mind and heart to become pioneers in their field are the people of the moment. Whether it be comedic excellence, spiritual conviction or health advocacy, these are The Hive content pieces to know. 

Watch Stephanie Ike-Okafur's The Modernization of Witchcraft Series

Follow UNRAW USA National Committee on IG

Watch Katt Williams on Club Shay Shay

Get to know the sis, Jackie Hill Perry


Follow the Yogi & Sickle-cell Warrior @Motivation.Mona on IG

Jackie Hill Perry

The Movie Mood of the Moment

The link between black and Jewish liberation has been a long and complicated relationship built on nuance, alignment, and intertwines heritage and fate, one of the biggest blockbusters of 2019, BlackkKlansmann, a Spike Lee joint takes the audience through one iteration of the fight of both communities in and against the white power supremacy structure. 

Check out more on the intertwined culture of black Americans, Jews, Nigerians and Israelites. 


the buzz

This set of curated blog features are specially coupled for the Honor The Prophets campaign to highlight the connection of solo-prenuers, spirituality, branding & marketing and how lessons from Black Liberation collectives of the past laid out a foundation towards building a healthy community

Some are personal anecdotes from lessons I've learned on my journey, some are think-pieces on our responsibility in our craft and how we contribute to the world and some are commentaries on art. 

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