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Honest Hive® Marketing was built to connect brand strategist & artist as well as technical & creative marketers to create the business infrastructure that will last through your businesses lifestyle with our agile approach. 

If you are a small to medium sized business looking to hire on your first marketing professional or an organization outsourcing your entire marketing department we can build customized programs and connect you to some of the most gifted creatives who will deliver you engaging, captivating and revenue-generating marketing campaigns. 

Want to see what Honest Hive can do for your growing business? Set up a consultation or discovery call today.

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#BuildingBetterBlackBrands isn't just a hashtag it's a mission & a movement.

Welcome to the Hive, we are built to serve black businesses but of course we welcome allies of all color to explore our service. Our focus is on building an infrastructure that will serve as a scalable, well thought out marketing strategy or overhaul that is modern, actionable and creates a digital presence that matches (& hopefully out matches) larger, more established brands. 

We believe the easiest way to maintain brand integrity is to build a purposeful, sustainable marketing model from the start, but we can also help entrepreneurssmall or medium sized organizations overhaul their current marketing strategy and develop a cohesive and creative campaign to relaunch

Honest, Non-exploitative, sustainable and ethical brands who want to be a light in business is who we strive to serve. We centralize black, indigenous & ally organizations that want to BE the change and build a community of companies that are willing to share the love and not only just seek it.

A beehive is a matriarchal symbol of community building, collaboration, and specialized service. There are about 35,000 honeybees in a colony, all working together for the survival of the colony. There are three types of bee in a hive — workers, drones, and the queen — and each has a distinct role in keeping the colony healthy. That is what we seek to emulate at Honest Hive Marketing Agency.

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Abolition work is at the core of what we do, as such not every client is an ethical match for our agency. We are fully able & capable to both coaching and developing your brand(s)  in the direction of progress, inclusiveness and kindness to our earth and all those who inhabit. Most of the conversations hat organizations, employers and those associated is radical honesty. That is what leads to the best experience both inside the organization and with the community members they service. While we do specialize in B2C, we also take on select B2B companies as well,  Our philosophy is that real brand and  marketing are established from a P2P Model (People2Peaple). The quiz about is a quick litmus test to see how closely your company, idea or mission is aligned with Honest Hive. If you're interested take it and see how well we match, BUT don't let a ;loose match stop you from calling in to speak to one of our representatives because we al know it is extremely difficult to manage the human touch with even the most crafted algorithm,

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A remnant will return, a remnant of Jacob will return to the Mighty God. Though your people be like the sand by the sea, Israel, only a remnant will return. Destruction has been decreed, overwhelming and righteous.

Isaiah 10:21

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Honeycombs are the hexagonal nests of the Hive. We invite you in to grow with us (as the larvae do) in this nurturing space. Sign up for The Honeycomb for #FreeGame on the spiritual, ethical & abolitionist led marketing information and all things Honest Hive®.

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